Una Hepburn

For State Senate District 23

I grew up in the SW suburbs of Chicago and moved to Davisburg, Michigan in 1998. My husband and I raised our daughter here and she went to Clarkston Schools. She is about to begin her Senior year at M.S.U. Go Green!!

I also was an owner of Yoga Oasis, a small business, in Clarkston, from 2009 -2020. I currently still instruct yoga classes & am also a Tour Manager for an amazing travel company, Corporate Travel Services.

I am very involved in the  Clarkston and neighboring communities. I belong to a Fraternal Womens’ Organization that works in philanthropic/ fundraising endeavors for various non-profits & schools. Some of these groups include: The Sanctum House, a haven for women who are victims of Human Trafficking; Providence House, which helps at-risk children; & Habitat for Humanity.

I have a degree in Political Science and Business Administration.

 I was  a little overwhelmed when first asked to run by the Democratic Party. Now after meeting so many like -minded people in a very RED community, I am feeling a lot more confident. GO BLUE!!!!

The Leadership Our State Needs


Womens Rights / Human Rights

Bodily Autonomy> We are NOT going back 50 years.

All Minorities and Marginalized Groups: We are all Human & deserving of all equal rights! PERIOD!!!

Gun Law Reform / Education

These are, sadly, intertwined which is sad  and horrific.

We need Schools:

FIRST & Foremost >  to  be safe. Raising the age to buy guns, more thorough background check,  including mental health evaluations, &  longer waiting periods.

SECOND > A great education in Public School systems where teachers are paid a decent salary NOT restricted with conservative curriculums.

THIRD > More mental and social programs for at risk kids.

Voting Rights & Elections

No more Gerrymandering

Make it easy and accessible for everyone who wants to vote. Special Assistance for those who may need it.

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